Massage. Soothe away tension.

Green Tangerine offers expertise in Swedish massage, deep tissue techniques, hot stone therapy, and specialized massage for mommies-to-be.

Traditional Swedish Massage

Soothe away the day’s tension with a light-to-medium pressure massage — a great way to indulge the senses.

50 minutes: $120

80 minutes: $150

Traditional Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Bring balance to your over-worked muscles with a medium-to-deep pressure massage.

50 minutes: $130

80 minutes: $160

Neck, Shoulders & Back

30 minutes: $80

Massage for Expectant Mother

Massage away the aches and pains of pregnancy with a gentle massage from the face down.

50 minutes: $130

Hot Stone Massage

Renew and reconnect with your body with a light-to-medium pressure massage that render your body loose and relaxed.

50 minutes: $150

80 minutes: $165